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When did you clean it last??

When did I clean that last??
We all know how much time we spend with our mobiles pressed close to our mouths right?Among the germs clamoring to join our conversations are staph, found on nearly half of 25 random mobile phones tested. Use a Lysol wipe to clean"most" phones, followed by a soft microfiber cloth to dry & pull off any extra germs.

To Hire or to Fire......Better safe then Sorry

To Hire or to Fire......Better safe then Sorry
It's always a smart idea to do your homework on service providers.
Start with, is this company a registered business? Are they working their way up in the business world,taking pride in their work ethics. 
Are they insured? and with whom? if they are not,slip and falls,breakage etc. that company you hired, can sue your home insurance,if they are not properly insured.
Do they have staff coming in and out of your home? Are they keeping up with payments to Workers Compensation?

Saving big bucks on home & health care

By this time of year, it's often not just our bodies (and minds) tiring of the chilly temperatures, our houses can start to show signs of wet days and cold nights – in the nasty form of dampness and mould.
Spring might be around the corner, but for many homeowners, especially those in cooler zones, it can't come soon enough.As houses have become more sealed up in recent years to boost energy efficiency, the importance of good ventilation has increased.
If your home is suffering from condensation, or worse, mould, here are some tips that could help.

Weekly Speed Cleaning for Germs

Weekly Speed Cleaning for Germs
Doing a daily speed clean makes weekly cleaning easier and faster. Once a week, follow these steps to wipe out more germs:
    1. Throw the kitchen sink strainer in the dishwasher.
    2. Remove and hand wash the stove knobs.
    3. Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink.
    4. Wash the toothbrush holder and wipe with a disinfecting wipe or put it in the dishwasher if it is dishwasher safe.
    5. Gather bathroom and bed linens without fluffing or shaking them to avoid spreading germs and dust. Wash in hot water, if possible.

    Where too use a Magic Eraser

    Mr.Clean Magic Eraser helpful Tips, bring back the" New" to house hold  items.
    ( Please don't use on painted walls, or furniture)

    Maintaining you home -Tips

    What should you be doing on a monthly basis to maintain you home?? Monthly cleaning tips!

    Intense Kitchen Clean Up Tips & More

    Dusty refrigerator tops, a stove that smokes every time you bake in it, greasy cob webs strung from the tops of the cubbards,window screens so dusty you cant see through. Intense kitchen cleaning tips step by step!
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