Full House Cleaning - From Top to Bottom, it's All in the Details!
Save Money/ keep clean
Save money by maintaining these top 5 areas of your home neglected by 8/10 people.
Save money on energy bills, lessen chance of appliance repair, create healthier air flow for you and your family
#1. -Pull out refrigerators and freezers - Vacuuming coils on the back and underbelly, cleaning up dust and hair build up.
#2. -Air Exchangers - Pull down or unscrew from corners of ceilings, easily taken down and washed with warm soapy water. Clean excess dust in cut out area. Dry and push back up in to ceiling cut out.
#3.- Bathroom Fans- Turn unit off, pull down while squeezing side clips on both sides of the fan. Dust inside main unit with a dry cloth. Wash and dry the fan cover with the clips, and replace in the same manner.
#4:- Kitchen exhaust fans:- Pull small grates to one side, sliding them out. Spray with oven cleaner to remove tough built on grease or let soak in vinegar and water to remove foul odors. When dry, replace in the same manner, one side at a time.
#5:-Light fixtures - Light bulbs and fixtures use less energy when free from dust and build up. When lights are cool, knock off the dust with a dry cloth; use a damp cloth to knock off the excess dust. Use a Windex cloth to shine to perfection.

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