Full House Cleaning Inc. - From Top to Bottom, it's All in the Details!
Full House Cleaning Inc. feels it's not just important to have the house looking clean, but truly clean!!
Our Quality products bring our cleaning to a whole new level. 
Our well trained and pre-screened cleaning techs, will arrive on schedule with the supplies to truly improve the air quality and cleanliness of your family's home.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
At Full House Cleaning Inc. it's our mission to take care of the undesirable work of keeping your house clean and in order. Let us give you a hand so that you can have some free time do what you love on your days off.
 we'll even work on your schedule!

Many of our products are certified by the Asthma Society of Canada,
Capturing particles as microscopic as mold and pollen.
asthma friendly
Our prices are in favour of the client not just the company.
 Your family budget can benefit from our fair pricing and discounts. We have earned
 our clients' respect by building long term relationships based on mutual trust and
 total customer satisfaction. Since Full House Cleaning Inc.opened in 2004 we
 have NEVER been called back to re-clean an area of unsatisfaction.
What did they do in the time they were here??  Never do a walk through of your home, cleaning up after your maid service again!!giving up
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